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Reasons to Visit Holland, Michigan

Holland, Michigan, is one of the neatest towns in America. 

The town features unique attractions, such as the Tulip Time Festival, attracting visitors worldwide.

The small town features Nelis Dutch Village, a unique experience for the entire family.

Neil’s Dutch Village features buildings and landscapes that mimic the Netherlands from over 150 years ago, making the experience memorable. 

Furthermore, they have classes and demonstrations such as shoe carving and creating cheese, making it a fun place for the whole family. 

These are just a few of the many attractions around Holland, Michigan. Scroll below to learn more about what makes Holland, Michigan, a truly wonderful place to visit.

Tunnel Park

Tunnel Park is a hidden gem located in Holland, Michigan. With so much to do here makes it a perfect day-cation! 

The 22-acre park features a picnic area, a kid’s playground, and a family-friendly beach. The park offers a beach-style experience perfect for soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, and enjoying the beautiful Lake Michigan. 

If heading to Holland, Michigan, then make sure to pack up your swimsuit and towel and head out to Tunnel Park.

Coppercraft Distillery

If premium craft cocktails and spirits are more your things, you may be interested in visiting the Coppercraft Distillery. 

The distillery offers weekend tours, allowing a unique experience to see how certain spirits are made. 

In addition to the tour, the distillery also has a tasting room to try a variety of cocktails. 

Coppercraft Distillery is a great place to spend time with friends while making lasting memories.

Holland Harbor Big Red Light

Stop by the Big Red Lighthouse and take a photo with this iconic lighthouse. 

The lighthouse is not accessible by car or foot; however, you can take pictures of the lighthouse from Holland State Park, where you can walk along the boardwalk to the north pier. 

Another great location to view the majestic lighthouse is from the dunes staircase at Mt. Pisgah.

Tulip Time Festival

Tulip Time Festival is a great time to visit Holland, Michigan. 

The festival brings people from all over the world to take in the beautiful Tulips. 

Tulip Time Festival features over 5 million tulips that bloom during spring

The Tulips come in various colors, giving them a genuinely majestic appearance. 

There are a variety of different events that take place throughout the time at Tulip Time Festival, such as scavenger hunts, parades, and artisan sales. View more info about the Tulip Time Festival.

Visit Nelis Dutch Village

Step into an old-time replica of the Netherlands with many buildings resembling the Netherlands’ different provinces. Therefore, giving this a unique appearance! 

The Nelis Dutch Village offers a variety of attractions, making it fun for the whole family. 

Attractions include various rides, a petting zoo, and even learning how to dance. While here, stop by the Wooden Shoe Factory and pick up a pair of wooden shoes. 

These are a few of the many attractions offered at Nelis Dutch Village.

Tour Windmill Island Garden

Take a tour of an original Dutch Windmill that is still working today! 

The windmill offers the ability to climb to the top of the 125-foot windmill and take in the views of the beautiful land around it. 

The windmill gives excellent views of the Tulip Time Garden, making it a must-see attraction during the Tulip Time Festival.

Full List of Reasons to Visit Holland, Michigan

  1. Tunnel Park
  2. New Holland Brewery
  3. Coppercraft Distillery
  4. Holland Harbor Big Red Light
  5. Tulip Time Festival
  6. Nelis Dutch Village
  7. Windmill Island Garden

If you have been to Holland, Michigan, comment below about your experience. Let us know your favorite spot and what you did on your vacation. We would love to hear.

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